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Sustainable forestry production

We provide the forestry sector with practical knowledge, services and products for the sustainable and profitable use of forests.

Improvement of forestry production

Silviculture is an essential activity in the wood industry sector. CETEMAS contributes to the defining and execution of innovative and sustainable forestry projects which support the development of a competitive wood industry. We achieve this through various routes: improvement in growth and quality of the raw materials as well as the creation and evaluation of varieties of important species such as sweet chestnut, eucalyptus, maritime pine and radiata pine, among others.

Key points

  • Silviculture
  • Optimisation of productivity
  • Evaluation of materials

Risk management

Our forests play an important role through providing a bio-economy that will be sustainable in the future. Our role at CETEMAS is to help to keep forests healthy and productive by collaborating in the development of technologies that are integrated into the design of risk management plans and plans for the management of infestation and disease in forest areas. In addition, we develop tools to assist in forest fire prevention and management, thus supporting livelihoods in rural and semi-rural areas.

Key points

  • Forest fires
  • Infestations and disease
  • Soil erosion

Climate change

Forests are important greenhouse gas sinks and so contribute greatly to the mitigation of climate change. At CETEMAS we work in the development and evaluation of models of sustainable forestry management which serve to enhance the mitigating effects of forests, as well as reduce their vulnerability by strengthening their ability to adapt to climate change.

Key points

  • Forest carbon
  • Mitigation and adaptation
  • Wood products