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We develop methodologies which use remote sensors for the massive collection of information and its integration into GIS tools for the analysis of land features in a variety of applications.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)

We work with data from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technologies in order to develop models for the estimation of forestry resources (volume, biomass, etc.), the automatic detection of infrastructures (forest tracks, electricity lines, etc.), and the analysis of forest fuels, among other uses.


  • Inventory and evaluation
  • Automation
  • 3D structure

Aerial photogrammetry

We develop methodologies for the integration of passive sensor data taken from drones, aircraft and satellites which can be applied in various settings such as land-use planning, the detection of infestations and diseases and forest management.


  • Forest health, infrastructure, etc.
  • High spatial and spectral resolutions
  • Spatial data

SIG analysis and mapping

We develop advanced solutions for the analysis of geospatial information from remote sensors and other sources of information for use in a variety of fields of work: environmental, natural resources, cultural heritage, etc.


  • Integration of various data sources
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Decision making assistance