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Forest planning and organisation

We work with the analysis of operational systems for the optimal use of forest resources, seeking efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Forestry logistics

We seek to optimise the logistics systems for the harvesting of resources (wood, biomass, etc.), assisting companies in the development of machinery, silvicultural systems, the organization of harvesting and the minimisation of the impact of transportation as well as its optimisation in order to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the supply chain. We analyse the quality of the product obtained (quality timber, biofuel, etc.) with the aim of increasing its value added through improving the process.

Key points

  • Increased profitability
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency and sustainability

Environmental sustainability of forest resources

At CETEMAS we develop methodologies which incorporate more environmentally sustainable processes and materials for the forestry sector through the use of tools such as life cycle analysis (LCA).

Key points

  • Life cycle analysis
  • Environmental impact
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

Development of management tools

We work to produce develop integral planning and management tools which include algorithms developed to estimate forest resources, models of productivity and costs of the harvesting system, GPS monitoring of machinery, analysis of optimal transport routes and the emissions associated with each stage of production.

Key points

  • Transport analysis
  • Models of productivity
  • Cost analysis