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We contribute to the development of technologies to monetize biomass and the subproducts of various industrial processes, including the idea of biorefining.

Bioenergy and Biorefining

We contribute to the application of new technologies in the production of renewable fuels and Bioproducts based on agroforestry biomass. CETEMAS also acts as an advisor between suppliers and customers in order to promote the commercialisation of these products.

Key points

  • Advanced materials
  • Renewable fuels
  • Bioproducts from biomass


Due to their properties and the rapid recent increase in applied research into them, tannins are one of the target products of our Bioproducts line of investigation. Focusing on forest species which are autochthonous in the Principality of Asturias, at CETEMAS we investigate strategies for the extraction and use of these compounds, which have a multitude of industrial applications.

Key points

  • Multiple applications
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Natural


Biochar is charcoal made from the pyrolization of biomass. We work on the analysis and monitoring of its production in order to develop materials of high added value. These materials enable the more efficient and sustainable management of organic resources, and can be used in the improvement to soil properties and the production of energy. At CETEMAS we are involved in the sustainable production of biochar, a technology which has significant negative emissions and is a viable option to mitigate climate change.

Key points

  • Biocarbon
  • Sustainable production
  • Climate change mitigation