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Construction and sustainable materials

At CETEMAS we are committed to the notion that timber is an ideal material in terms of sustainable and bioclimatic construction. To this end we are involved in various lines of investigation and innovation hand-in-hand with the timber sector, with the aim of positioning timber as the construction material of both the present and the future.

Structural timber

We study the different physical and mechanical properties of wood with respect to its structural applications, promoting its use within the scope of current guidelines. At the same time, we are working towards the formal recognition of the traditional uses of wood in construction, playing our part by characterising timber used in such ways, with respect to both conservation and restoration, using the latest technologies.

Key points

  • Structural characterization of timber
  • Promotion as material for construction
  • Technologies for preservation and restoration

Technical innovations in wood and wood products

At CETEMAS we develop technologies and innovations which enhance the benefits of using wood as a raw material in the manufacture of products for various sectors, such as construction, packaging, etc. In addition, we work alongside companies to ensure the quality and functionality of their wood-based products and to implement continuous improvement techniques.

Key points

  • Innovation in materials based on wood
  • Technological improvements to processes and products
  • Research into new developments

Sensors and modelization

The use of applied sensorization and modelization to gain knowledge of materials (equipment based on non-destructive techniques of characterization, behaviour monitoring sensors) is one of our priority lines of investigation in terms of innovation in wood and timber here at CETEMAS. This approach is not limited to the study of materials, but rather falls within the scope of Industry 4.0 and is one aspect of the technological revival of the sector.

Key points

  • Sensors and non-destructive techniques for characterization
  • Monitoring of processes
  • Industry 4.0 and technological renewal

Environmental sustainability of materials

We work to develop tools to estimate the environmental sustainability of materials on the basis of life cycle analysis (LCA). We are a driving force in the creation of new product category rules (PCR) which are essential for the development of environmental product declarations (EDP) and allow transparency and the comparability of different products.

Key points

  • Sustainable construction
  • Ecolabelling
  • Products with low environmental impact